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Volunteers' Week 2020

This week Open Age celebrates its volunteers. Each day this week, we will feature one of our many outstanding volunteers. Read more about their remarkable contributions to Open Age over nearly three decades!

- We kick-off with Christina Culhane, Open Age Member & Volunteer. Click on her name to read her inspirational story!

- Next, we meet Jane Goldstaub, Artist, Open Age Member & Volunteer. Click on her name to read how she adapted her Book Club during the Covid Crisis!

- This Wednesday, we meet Hester Jones, Photographic Artist & Volunteer. Click on her name to read her remarkable journey with Open Age three times round!

- This Thursday, meet David Rolph, Open Age Member & Volunteer. Click on his name to read about how David came for a job and stayed as a volunteer!

- Friday evening, we meet Feli Martinez, Open Age Member & Volunteer. Click on her name to read more about her journey (by ship) to the shores of Open Age!

- For Saturday, we meet Manju Malhi, Cookery Author & Volunteer. Click on her name to read more about her Cookery Class-come-Restaurant at Open Age's Second Half Centre. Manju and her Class knew all about handwashing, way before Corona was upon us.

Saturday's Volunteer - Manju Malhi

Friday's Volunteer - Feli Martinez...Once upon a ship.

Thursday's Volunteer - David Rolph

Wednesday's Volunteer - Hester Jones (

Tuesday's Volunteer - Jane Goldstaub

Monday's Volunteer - Christina Culhane

Many of our volunteers gift us with time. If you are inspired to share your gift with us, please visit our Volunteer page. And for those who wish to offer a monetary gift, thank you.



Working in Partnership

Proud to be working with the K+C Foundation through their Covid-19 Appeal. With this support we are able to grow our exciting online programme and telephone groups to connect with even more Open Age members during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Online payments to Open Age are processed by CAF - Charities Aid Foundation - which is a charity itself that supports other charities with banking, fundraising and lots more. It is safe to make a donation to Open Age using our donate buttons, powered by CAF.


For further information, please visit our make a donation page. Alternatively, please feel free to contact with any questions.

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