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Poetry in Lockdown

A lock down poem from Pamela Binns

Home- thoughts from home

We’ve been in lock down quite a while,

It’s getting hard to raise a smile,

I sometimes force a rictus grin,

But everything is wearing thin,

Except myself; I’ve put on weight,

No exercise builds appetite,

The government tell us to stay put

But everyone is hoofin’ it,

They crowd the beaches pack the parks,

And queue for hours, outside, at Marks.

Will Boris even find a way

To lead us back to yesterday?

This Spring by Jill Forgham, Open Age Member & Poet

This Spring arrived with a shock
‘Take your things home now’ on Monday, at 5 o’clock
Lying awake that night, filled with panic and fear
An adjustment to lifestyle but nothing too clear

This Spring our birthdays impacted
Trip on the Pullman, at the last minute retracted
Instead, picnic in Regent’s Park, avoiding the crowds
Walking the towpath and wondering out loud

This Spring, supplies creating focus on shopping
Stock checks of cupboards, lists never stopping
Mr Fish takeaway keeps going, we walk to collect
Semblance of normality, a positive effect.

This Spring, Crazy Baker delivers our bread
A box of delights on the doorstep while I’m still in bed
Brooks Butchers comes round, rack of lamb left over for us
A Tesco delivery slot suddenly appears - what a plus! 

This Spring, an obsession with jogging
I rise with the dawn and run without stopping
Watching the blossom unfurl is a balm to the soul
Roses, birdsong and parakeets play a pivotal role.

This Spring, introducing the family to Zoom
All of us gathered in the virtual room
A chance to share, a poem, a song
Reconnecting, so absence does not seem so long.

This Spring, Sofa Singers on Tuesdays a highlight of Lockdown
Sharing songs with 500 strangers gives joy and a worldwide bond
More music with Queen’s Park choir, led on screen by Ollie and Hamish
Soca, French and Spanish, in Open Age virtual classes.

This Spring, learning to work in an office alone
Respecting Neil’s space and his personal zone
Both finding so many benefits to having chance to unwind
And discover new hobbies and talents and - free time.

By Pamela Binns, Open Age Member & Poet

Open Age has worked hard at maintaining regular contact with its members with over 10 000 calls made since March 17th, to ensure all were safe and receiving support when needed. Open Age has also trained many of our members to use Zoom and now has an exciting Virtual Programme offering Arts & Culture, Physical activities and Learning and Support opportunities. Your support will ensure we can continue this important work and be there for older people now and always.


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Open Age Charity Wins Major Sport Award for Innovative Physical Activities During Covid-19

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