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Open Age Writing Competition - A letter to yourself, one year ago

A letter to yourself, one year ago
Complex, strange, unprecedented, the year 2020 has
certainly come at us with an unforgettable force. As it
finally draws to a close, what has it all meant?

As our lives are unique stories, there as many answers to
this question as there are people in the world.
Great challenges have brought great lessons and we
have changed and experienced things that we could
not have imagined only a year ago. In many ways we
are now different people

What, then, would you like to say to yourself a year

How would you prepare and encourage yourself
to face the deluge of surprises?

What have you discovered about the world and yourself that you
did not know then?

What have you found to really matter, and what now seems trivial?

What if you could put all this in a letter and send it,
back through time, to yourself at the end of 2019?

And the Winner is...

David Lennon - Read David's entry here 

Second place went to..

Douglas Banister - Read Doug's entry here

Third place went to..

Elena Rapley - Read Elena's entry here


Thank you to all of our members that took part!


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