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Legacy & In-Memory Gifts

Your legacy really could be transformational...

Leaving a gift in your Will helps your Open Age community live on...

Leaving a gift in your Will offers an end to the loneliness and isolation many older Londoners face...

Leaving a gift in your Will allows Open Age to connect more and more great minds through hobbies, pastimes and wisdom...

Leaving a gift in your Will offers older Londoners Physical Activity and Arts & Culture Classes that stimulate and energise mind and body...

Leaving a gift in your Will empowers older Londoners to thrive amid ever-changing innovation...

In-Memory Gifts to commemorate life...

With loss comes thoughts of commemoration. You may want to express your wish to family and friends of how you would like to be commemorated. You could ask for a donation to be made to a cause or community like Open Age, inplace of flowers for example. Likewise, if you have lost a loved one, you might choose to commemorate their life with a gift to Open Age which works with older people. You are free to do this on your own, with a small group of family or friends, or with everyone who was touched by the life of your loved one. 

How your gift could help

By leaving a gift to Open Age in your Will, you can ensure Open Age will be here to care for and enrich the lives of future generations of older Londoners.

Technology serves to connect the world. Unintentionally, technology also serves to isolate us from one another. The more we manage our lives from a screen, the increased threat to a sense of community in the physical world. The coming decades will see greater numbers of older people at risk of isolation and feeling that life’s given up on them. Loneliness and isolation aflicts those without family and community support as well as those with family near and far. Even in a digitally connected world, greater numbers of older people remain at risk of isolation and poor physical and mental health as a consequence. But it does not have to be like this. At Open Age, we do not believe that life from 50+ should be about slowing down and facing isolation.

It's easy to continue supporting Open Age with a gift in your Will 

Once you have made sure people you care about are looked after in your Will, ask your Solicitor to assist you with making a Legacy Gift. With the help of a Solicitor, you can decide on which type of gift suits you and your family best.

There are 3 main types of gift you can make:

Residuary* – A share in, or all of, what's left of the value of your estate after family and friends have been taken care of
Pecuniary – A specific sum of money
Specific – An item such as a piece of art or furniture from your home

*The advantage of leaving a share (also known as a Residuary Gift) is that it stays the same over time and you won't need to change your will to keep up with inflation.

Take the time to discuss this with your personal Solicitor who will help you to: 

1. Make a Will. You can find more information here

2. Amend your Will with a codicil

3. Inform Open Age of your intentions Click to contact Open Age Community Engagement

Did you know…

...That gifts to charity are not subject to Inheritance Tax. In fact, HMRC provisions offer an incentive to those whose estates are likely to exceed the Inheritance Tax thresholds and who might leave a slightly smaller but nonetheless generous gift. They mean that sometimes gifting a little more to charity can mean the other beneficiaries receive more.  There is an Inheritance Tax reduction from 40% to 36% for those leaving 10% or more of their estates to charity.

...Or that British charities receive about a 10th of their charitable income through gifts in wills and in-memory motivated giving? Legacy Gifts are an inportant and invaluable lifeline for charities. 

We'd like to thank you
If you plan to remember Open Age in your Will, please do let us know.  We would like the opportunity to say thank you in advance and to understand how best to honour your legacy. We would like to capture some of of your personal story and journey with Open Age and just what it means to you to be part of our community. You may also wish to remain annonymous, and we will respect that. All information is treated with discretion and you can tell us as much or little as you wish.

Knowing about legacy intentions helps us to plan for the future.  Every donation, irrespective of size, is valued and we promise we will use it wisely.  

For further information
More information can be found here.  Or if you prefer to speak with us about a Legacy Gift or In-Memmory Giving, please contact our Main Office on 020 4516 9978 or email

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Thank you.