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Watch_Open Age's Philosophy Group

As they explore "What is Self?"

Click on the image and watch the video to explore the diiscussion with the Open Age Philosophy Group! 

Tim Beardmore-Gray  takes Open Age Members through...

“What is the self? Are we born with a self or does it develop over time? What distinguishes one self from another self? When does a self stop existing?

The Open age philosophy group dive into one of life’s great conundrums and share their thoughts on what might, or might not, lie at the centre of an individual’s existence.

After previously looking at the western philosophical traditions of dualism and monism this session explores alternative views of the self such as African communalism and the Buddhist idea of non-self.”



Working in Partnership

Proud to be working with the K+C Foundation through their Covid-19 Appeal. 

With this support we are able to grow our exciting online programme and telephone groups to connect with even more Open Age members during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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