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In the home

Open Age runs activities from the home for people living in RBKC and Westminster who are housebound and unable to access our activities in the community. We run facilitated group activities over the phone where callers can join a small, friendly group of people. Discussions range from current affairs to films, healthcare to quizzes. Activities are chosen by the group and facilitated by an Open Age staff member. All calls are free.

As well as social groups over the phone, Open Age also runs the following phone groups:

- A weekly creative writing group. Work done by this group can be found on our blog.
- A monthly book group in partnership with RBKC and Westminster Home Libraries Service

If you are housebound or know someone who is, and would like to find out more, please call Open Age on 020 8962 4141.

If you're interested in reading more about our phone groups, please see this article published in The Guardian



This year we need to do things differently of course!


This August, join us for a week of the Virtual Open Age Mile! Let’s all get active, get outdoors and make a big difference to our Open Age community! Let’s get together in spirit and we’re hoping that you can join, so that we can have as many Open Age members, along with their friends & families take part between 24th – 30th August!